During this tour package,we provide to our visitors an opportunity of visiting over 1000 bird species from different Uganda’s hot spot for birders. Among species that would be encounted include famous and rare shoebill ,Red billed Dwarf ,Black-headed Gonolek ,white crested hornibill...etc. Near by Accomodations:

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Photos........ for some birds from that site

From Entebbe aiport,our staff will take you to the place where you will spend a night before heading to brid watching in the next morning .
Day 1 : Uganda wildlife Education Center and Entebbe Botanical Garden.
What to see : Golden backed weaver,Gabar gaoshawk,banded snake eagle ,African fish eagle ,bare faced go away,sun birds......etc

Day2 : Mabamba Papyrus Swamp.
What to see: Shoebill , lesser Jacan, African pygmy goose , Squacco Heron ,African Jacan,....etc

Day 3 : Travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
What to see : Different bird species such as western green tinkerbird ,wood land warbler , white browed crombec , african hill babbler..etc.

Day 4 : Birding in Bwindi Forest
What to see: Albertine rift indemics bird species like red faced woodland warbler ,Mountain masked apalis , yellow eyed black flycatcher,red throated alethe....etc.

Day 5 : Travel to Lake Bunyonyi through Kigezi highlands.
What to see: Scenic view and Surrounding environment of Bunyonyi Lake also known as little birds.

Day 6 : Birding at Lake Bunyonyi.
What to see : Explore the Surrounding area and island from water as well as different bird species , from 40 to 50 bird species like Chested sunbird,Swamp flycatcher , scarlet –chested sunbird.

Day 7 : Travel to Entebbe for preparation of departure. What to see: This journey will aloow you to see Kabale town ,Marara town,Igongo Culture center,the equetor as well as hand crafts shops where you will be able to buy souvenirs from African artists.