Rwanda has unparlleled diversity of wild fauna and flora where big number of them found in protected areas of Rwanda. Those protected areas are :

  • Volcanoes National Park(in north)
  • Akagera national Park ( In East)
  • Nyungwe National Park ( in South west) and
  • Gishwati-Mukura National Park ( in North West ) .

Rwanda has also different wetlands and swamps mainly Rugezi ( in North ) and other swamps along the main rivers in south east and in Bugesera region as well as different lakes which harbours different aquatic plants and animal species mainly in eastern part of Rwanda in Akagera national Park , Burera and Ruhondo,twin lakes located to the skirt of Volcanoes National Park and Kivu lake , the biggest lake in Rwanda which has different ileland where one of them known as “ NAPOLEON ILELAND “ habours a hundreds of bats which are visited by many tourists near the east cost of Kivu lake in Karongi district ( former Kibuye).